#106-110 - BPD Definitions

#106-110 - BPD Definitions

Incubator & Neonatology Review Podcast

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This week on the Incubator and Neonatology Review podcast we discuss the evolution of BPD definitions throughout the years. Daphna and I realize that it can get quite confusing to sort out which definition is which and why there is even a need to have so many ways to define one disease. This week we have the pleasure of having Dr. Kent Willis as our expert and he talked to us about gut-lung axis and how this influencing our understanding of BPD.

If BPD is a topic you particularly enjoy, we highly recommend you check out the interview we released last year with Dr. Erik Jensen and that is available here:

#020 - Dr. Erik Jensen MD
Bronchopulmonary dysplasia research

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