#111-115 - Extubation Readiness in the NICU

#111-115 - Extubation Readiness in the NICU

Incubator & Neonatology Review Podcast

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Daphna and I are very happy to bring to you another week of neonatology review content! This time, we are honored to hand the mic to the amazing Dr. Lindsey Knake MD from the University of Iowa. Lindsey takes us on a tour of the evidence surrounding the topic of extubation readiness in the NICU. Lindsey did a phenomenal job and to top it all off, we all had the opportunity to chat with the great Dr. Guilherme Sant'Anna MD, from the University of Montreal, and an expert in the area of extubation readiness in the NICU. As always, please remember to claim your CME credits for this activity and to grab your powerpoint presentation of the content we covered this week.

Thank you all.

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